The demo applications in butler is based on the table structure in the "Northwind" demo catalog, which exists in SQL Server installation. But because not everyone uses SQL Server, the open source database hsqldb (hsqldb.sourceforge.net) is used. This databases is included in the butler download distribution. Database files for the demo database is also included in the distribution (demo/northind/sql). In the demos hsqldb is used in standalone mode. This means that it runs in the same JVM as the demo application, and there is not necessary to start a separate process for the database.


After downloading and unzipping butler, you just have to open a command shell, change the current directory to the butler directory and type bin/run-demo.bat. If you are not using Windows, you can call the ant task "demo-northwind".


Running the web demo application needs some extra configuration tasks before running. After downloading an unzipping the butler distribution, the ant task "war-northwind" should be called. This will produce a war file (northwind.war) in the folder web/demo. Copy this file to tomcat's webapp directory.

Before you restart tomcat you have to put following in the tomcat configuration file, tomcat-home/conf/server.xml, inside the Host element.

    <Context path="/northwind" docBase="northwind.war" debug="0">

        <Resource name="bean/DatabaseBroker" auth="Container"


        <ResourceParams name="bean/DatabaseBroker">











Observe that path have to be changed to the actual path in your file system.

Finally restart tomcat and browse to the page http://host:port/northwind.